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The Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department discharges the important responsibilities of Public Distribution, enforcement of markets discipline and promotion of consumer awareness and protection of their interest. The Department started functioning from the inception of the State of Meghalaya i.e. in 1971-72. Consequent to the implementation of Consumer protection Act 1986, the Department has been renamed as Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs with effect from August 1994.

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Objectives of the Department

The primary function of the Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department is to run the Public Distribution System efficiently and ensure availability of Foodgrains to everyone and to ensure that it is at price affordable for even the poorest in the State. The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring availability of Essential Commodities in the Market at reasonable price and prevention of hoarding, black-marketing and artificial price hike. Since most of the Foodgrains in the State come from outside the State, the PDS is totally dependent on the Foodgrains supplied by the Govt. of India through FCI.